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Hair and Lash Care Tips

How can I prolong the life of my bundles? 

When it boils down to it, your extensions are actual human strands and it isn't a cheap investment. With that being said, you must treat your extensions as you would your actual strands. In other words, your extensions are an extension of YOU. 

A soft oil treatment will do your curly strands a great deal as well. Just be sure to shampoo and rinse your strands THOROUGHLY.

Following the guide below, treat your hair very gently.

Don't be afraid to use  a good quality shampoo and hair conditioner. It is advisable to use a good 5 minute rinse-out conditioner. 

A wide tooth comb should ALWAYS be used, especially if you've purchased curly hair.  Opt for air drying instead of blow drying. You can even roller set your hair if you'd like! 

What should I do after the dyeing and bleaching process?

Be sure to conditioner your hair THOROUGHLY. Bleaching is a very intense process and a heavy hydrating treatment should be done post dyeing process especially if you're doing a double bleaching process to achieve high blonde and pastel colors. 

Can I wash my Immaculate Lashes?

Yes, you can! Of course there are different methods to cleansing your lashes but this approach might be the most thorough. 

Step 1. WASH YOUR HANDS. The goal here is to remove bacteria from your lashes. 

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